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Things to Avoid When You Have Toenail Fungus

Have you noticed that your toenails are starting to peel and that they look a bit discolored? Are your toenails sore after you workout or even just go on a little walk? If so, you may be suffering from toenail fungus. As a disorder that is not only quite uncomfortable, but embarrassing as well, toenail […]

Get Gorgeous Gams with Coolsculpting®

Feeling self conscious about any area of your body can be a downer, especially when warm weather beckons you to be outdoors in shorts and t-shirts. We consult with patients all the time who complain that the effort they put into health and fitness doesn’t translate into a more attractive body shape. In particular, areas […]

Revive your Eyes Without Surgery

Our eyes reflect our inner energy. When the delicate skin around them begins to crease and sag, the light that is within may seem to have dimmed. Changes around the eyes such as crow’s feet, a furrowed brow, and sagging lids occur for a number of reasons. Heredity plays a part, especially in under eye […]

CoolSculpting Open House!

Why? Want to get your body ready for summer? Join Fix Laser & Skin Center to learn more about fat removal with CoolSculpting! When? Wednesday, June 15th from 4pm – 8pm Where? 3600 Ocean View Blvd. #1, Glendale, CA 91208 How? Call (818) 248-9575 or Contact Us Online to RSVP. Space is limited so RSVP […]

How to Ensure You’re Drinking Enough Water

Your best friend, spouse, and even your personal trainer can yell at you to drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water everyday, but unless you’re committed to staying hydrated, you will probably sip on diet soda instead. As the most healthy and accessible thing for all parts of your body— weight loss, your […]