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Experience & Expertise

  • Procedures performed only by licensed registered nurses and physicians
  • Our nurses are full time laser hair removal and body sculpting experts
  • Performed over 100,000 laser hair removal procedures since 2007
  • We constantly improve our performance so you can achieve the best results
  • We want your feedback; We continuously strive to improve your experience

Effective, Safe, & Reliable

  • We have innovative techniques to help you get the best results with minimal pain
  • We will tell you upfront if you are not a good candidate
  • If your results are not as expected, we will do a full assessment and when possible tailor a personalized treatment for you
  • Every patient has a full consultation and personalized treatment plan

Convenient & Affordable

  • Open seven days a week and late hours
  • Text messaging reminders
  • Free parking
  • Minimal wait time
  • Refreshments, entertainment, and Wi-Fi access if you arrive early

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